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Hi all
Hi all, So long i have never updated this blog. Thanks for your faithfulness God so that i can work in Pelangi Kasih school all this way. Pekerjaan ok.. RPP gue dipuji Pengawas SMA yang kasi pelatihan kurikulum happy..Terus lucu banget, guru smp gue masa jadi guru les murid pelangi kasih. Dunia memang selebar daun kelor. Cuma baru hari ini berasa kalo gue matematikal plus scientific banget orangnya, kurang kreatif. Haha. bokap gue masih ga mau disuruh ct scan...sigh.. ga tau deh. Mau coba ide salah satu rekan kerja gue di skul si velin. Moga2 berhasil deh. Abis cabut gigi. Susah banget ngerawat gigi yang lagi dipasang deh. Bner2 ga bakat gue.. hahaha.. Tiap kali datang dibilang mesti lebih bersih sikat giginya. Besok main badminton lagi.. akhirnya nyampe weekend juga. Minggu depan final exam. Udah mau libur. Ga jadi ke Bali nih. Pengen ke Bali padahal. Cuma bakal ke Pangandaran sih.. 14 Desember hehe. Ya udah ah udah malam nih.. Bobo... (more)

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Settimana Nuova e smartphone nuovo sulla revisione, questa durata io ho un Landvo l200g. Landvo è società cinese e relativamente nuova e fino a che ora me non conosca qualsiasi cosa questa società dalla Cina. Quindi Lei ed io vedremo per la prima volta come buono è questo Landvo L200G. Io realmente non seppi ma Landvo L200G è molto simile all'OnePlus Uno, anche se piace Lei può vedere faccia una rassegna anche per Kingsing S2 che è un LG G2 clone. Chiaramente ha molte differenze piacere il più piccolo schermo, il caso è anche più piccolo ma indice esso questo 90% lo stesso. Lei ha abilità di scegliere da due colori diversi bianco e nero. Io ho personalmente un modello bianco e nella mia opinione è intelligente telefono veramente bello e bello. Ha mostra di 5 pollice con decisione di qHD (540 x 960), logicamente sarebbe migliore con decisione più alta. Ma decisione non è alta ancora è buono perché io ho visto le molto peggiori mostre su... (more)

Well, Toronto....Nevermind.

Tables of Spectral Data for Structure Determinati
on of Organic Compounds

As I wish to have a concept of substance which is to some extent independent of classical physics, the term matter will be used as little as possible. Of course, we do not observe them as propensities in themselves: we only observe the propensities as they produce effects. This substantial form can be regarded as a predicate qualifying propensity-as-such, as it is propensity (as such) which has that form. Since an unchanging continuant has constant powers so long as it lasts, it is that respect similar to the Parmenidean Individuals of Harr?e [ b]. A continuant retains exactly the same powers as long as it lasts. One can regard the work schedule between a propensity field and the places possible within it, or equivalently between a continuant and the interactions possible for it, as therefore just the relation between a unitary whole and the parts into which it may possibly (not actually!) be divided. Even if we take Aristotles definition work schedule matter... (more)

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Jaw crusher core component of safety and energy efficiency is excellent in the concerns of the community, in my company created out of the sand - new energy-saving gear inside the crusher, also identified greater wetting written counter offer effective utilization content of the material, in order to avoid clogging: too much water resource management, crusher feed chute, and then return to the heating plate can be equipped with a small tool to avoid material engagement. In the bottom of the crusher should be equipped with screens can be effectively avoided, appropriate regulation of the material and multi-dimension: Victoria jaw crusher existing problems and solutions feed may be adjusted by way of choice, for example, adjusting the rotor speed, adjust the gap back the board, the adjustment may be mechanical or hydraulic adjustment, hydraulic adjustment programs may be easily adjusted by using the total gap near the operating buttons or remote control program material... (more)

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